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Get your skin glowing fast with your choice of lactic acid peel, Pre-Peel Cleanser and Antioxidant Recovery Cream. 

You will need a gentle cleanser and sunscreen after your peel, be sure to check out our gentle cleansers, sunscreen and face masks to help heal the skin faster after a peel application!

Planet Eden Lactic Acid Peel Kit & Glycolic Pre-Peel Cleanser and Recovery Crea

PriceFrom $26.00
  • This bottle is enough to do 15-20 peels . Acids can be applied to the entire body (except under eyes and on sensitive areas). Lactic acid can be easily diluted with water if it is too strong for your skintype. 

    Lactic Acid Benefits
    * Lactic acid is a gentler more hydrating AHA/acid that is appropriate for newcomers to acids or those who are sensitive to acids. 
    * Helps clear blemishes/breakouts by deeply clearing out pores of oil/dirt/debris - helping pores to appear smaller
    * Lactic acid improves the look of fine lines/wrinkles and mottled skintone (due to exposure to the sun) with consistent use. 
    * Reduces the look of  superficial age marks/spots (due to sun exposure or new/old blemishes)
    * Improves dull skin by removing built up dead skin to revel more radiant skin beneath
    * Improves blotchy skintone and diminishes sun damage
    * Improves the absorption of other products by removing built up dead skin
    * Planet Eden only sources their acids from FDA labs that sell the highest cosmetic purity grade acids. 
    * Our acids are unbuffered with a low PH that will work faster and give quicker results than buffered acids. 
    * Our acids are the same acids used in spas/dermatologist offices, applying acids at home is easy and safe when instructions are followed. 

    BENEFITS of Glycolic Pre-Peel Wash with AHA and natural fruit acids.
    Planet Eden's Glycolic Pre-Peel Cleanser is a AHA, vegetable derived, cleanser. Contains pharmaceutical grade Glycolic Acid (fermented sugar), and botanic extracts, to reduce the appearance of fine line and wrinkles for a firmer, more youthful, appearance. Organic fruits extracts of Apple, Bilberry, Lemon, Orange, Papaya and Grapefruit nurture and pamper your skin!Formulated in a base of pure Aloe Vera to offer advanced skin healing, hydration and support for dry, and mature, skin types. Deep cleans the skin while speeding up its ability to slough off the dead, dry, skin that starts to accumulate, on the surface, as the skin ages.  AHA's have long been used to improve the appearance of the pores, smooth the skin's surface, and rid the skin of any dull, dry, patchy appearance. The Pre-Peel wash will enable the glycolic acid peel to penetrate the skin and have a more successful peel. Recommend using at least 3 nights prior to using a peel.  

    BENEFITS of Antioxidant Recovery Cream

    Formulated with over a dozen different antioxidants that soothe and heal your skin after a peel. Skin Tone: Refines skin texture and evens skin tone. Repair your skin while you sleep, and your body is in healing mode with Antioxidant Recovery Cream. The glow of smooth, healthy skin is just a step away. You'll notice an improvement in hydration, and suppleness, within just a few uses, and will continue to see improvement with regular use.Contains vitamins A, C and E along with botanicals and healing oils/hyaluronic acid for extreme hydration. 


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