Makeup Eraser Large 16"x 7" Super Soft Microfiber Cloth will remove all traces of dirt/oil/makeup with just water! Perfect for traveling or home use, gentle to use after a skin peel when cleansers may burn or irritate new skin. Will gently remove/exfoliate skin after a skin peel! Has hook to hang dry - Reusbale and washable hundreds of times! Excellent value! You will recieve 1 cloth. 


✔ antibacterial
✔ no chemicals
✔ less waste
✔ lasts 3 to 5 years
✔ machine washable
✔ great for sensitive skin
✔ face + lip exfoliator
✔ saves money

Makeup Eraser 16" x 7" Microfiber washable facial cloth - Super Soft and Gentle

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$5.00Sale Price

    • Wash before first use
    • Saturate the cloth with water; do not ring or squeeze out all the water; it must be very wet; warm water works best with subborn eye makeup
    • Use the side without the tag first
    • Concentrate on eye makeup first in small gentle circles, then the rest of your face
    • You may re-wet before turning over to gently exfoliate your skin