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Here are some expert tips and advice on how to get the most out of your skin peel.

  • If you peel is too strong for your skin type you may dilute the peel (except salicylic peels) with water. 

  • If you do not peel after 5-7 days you may need to remove excess dead skin that is blocking the peel from working. Use a facial scrub for at least 3 days prior to using the peel to remove excess skin. Increase the time on your skin by 30-60 seconds each application until peeling occurs. 

  • Do not use a soap based cleanser (the soap will put a film barrier on your skin and stop the peel from penetrating). Use a non soap cleanser (a glycolic cleanser is recommended) at least 2 days prior to the peel.

  • You may layer your peel for very resistant skin types, apply acids to skin and wait up to 3 minutes than apply an additional layer. This is only recommended for experienced peel users who are familiar with acids and timing for their skin.

  • You can add your glycolic and lactic acids to your favorite skin cream or lotion for quicker results.

  • Breaking out after a skin peel is normal, the peel is deeply purging pores of oils/dirt. This will subside with subsequent peels, apply a mixture of coconut oil and tea tree oil to blemishes.

  • Using a warm compress or applying a peel right after a shower (for resistant skin types) will open up the pores, soften skin layers and help the peel penetrate better. 

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