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Winter Skin BLAAAHS

Winter skin can become dry and dull and downright lifeless

I am NOT a fan of the winter months, I am more the sun loving summer girl who would rather hang out at a sunny beach then dare the cold blast of winter. Winter does a number to your skin (especially the delicate skin of your face). I notice my skin becomes dry, dull and lifeless during those dry cold months and no amount of makeup seems to make it "glow". The only way I found to combat winter skin blues is to exfoliate and moisturize OFTEN. Yeah, I know you are saying"I moisturize everyday", and that is great! However, if you are moisturizing layers of "dead" skin the moisturizer is really doing your skin no good and you are wasting your money!

Chcoclate mask with AHA's to remove dead skin and smells AMAZING!

So what is a girl to do? I personally LOOOOVE skin masks, they are so very delightful to dry, dead skin! Planet Eden's Milk Chocolate Mask gently removes dead skin to reveal healthy glowing skin beneath. Now , when you have healthy skin it will actually ABSORB your creams and moisturizers and actually do what they are supposed to do!

Say goodbye to dull dead skin and get GLOWING!

Go ahead, slather on that heavenly smelling Milk Chocolate Mask and relax for 10 minutes, rinse and see how soft and glowing your skin will be!

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