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TCA is a powerful acid that can remove over 10+ years of aging from your skin in as little as a few applications. You will receive a large 1 oz bottle of 25% TCA with detailed instructions on how to safely apply the acids as well as aftercare.TCA is intended to be diluted with water to reach a safe and effective strength for your skintype.


You will need a gentle cleanser and sunscreen after your peel, be sure to check out our gentle cleansers, sunscreen and face masks to help heal the skin faster after a peel application!


25% TCA Skin Chemical Face Facial Peel - Acne Scars, Sun Damage Hyperpigmentatio

  • TCA Benefits
    * TCA - Tricholoroacetic Acid  improves the look of fine lines/wrinkles and mottled skintone (due to blemishes and sun damage) with consistent use
    * Improves dull skin by removing built up dead skin to revel more radiant skin beneath
    * Improves the absorption of other products by removing built up dead skin
    * Improves blotchy skintone and diminishes sun damage
    TCA has also been proven to lessen the appearance of freckles, years of sun damage, bad skintone, loose skin and wrinkles and fine lines. Can improve the look of icepick scars, uneven texture in the skin (damage from previous blemishes). 
    THIS IS CONSIDERED A MEDIUM TO DEEP PEEL- You may have a week to 2 weeks of peeling/redness/swelling/blemishes (normal reactions to TCA) 

     Proper research on if TCA is appropriate for your skintype is recommended. WE DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS ON OPENED/USED SKINCARE ITEMS DUE TO SAFETY REASONS

     – – – – –

    TCA peels are a great way to improve the look of your skin, be sure if you are a newbie to skin peels you do plenty of research to be sure this is the right type of peel and strength for your skin type. TCA can be diluted to a strength appropraite for your skin with water. 


    Individuals with sensitive skin or newbies should start with glycolic acids first then graduate to TCA - A 5-15% strength is recommened for newbies. If you are a seasoned chemical peel user and need a stronger acid to remove layers of skin than 15-25% is recommended. TCA peels are NOT recommended for perople with darker skin types as hypopigmentation can occur ( patches of missing skin color). Please be sure to do the proper research!  Do NOT begin with the 20% or 25% TCA unless you have used 15% several times successfully.

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