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Is your skin dull, blotchy and lifeless? Wrinkles, fine lines and sun spots creeping across your face? Do you long for beautuful, smooth and radiant skin? Do you want fast results with little to no "down" time? Youthful Glow Glycolic Acid peel is the ANSWER!

Planet Eden Glycolic Acid Skin Peel with Fan Brush - 30%-70% CLINICAL STRENGTH

PriceFrom $14.00

    * Glycolic acid improves the look of fine lines/wrinkles and mottled skintone (due to exposure to the sun) with consistent use. 

    * Reduces the look of dark/age marks/spots (due to sun exposure or blemishes)
    * Helps clear blemishes/breakouts by deeply clearing out pores of oil/dirt/debris - helping pores to appear smaller
    * Improves dull skin by removing built up dead skin to revel more radiant skin beneath
    * Improves the absorption of other products by removing built up dead skin
    * Improves blotchy skintone and diminishes sun damage
    * Planet Eden only sources their acids from FDA labs that sell the highest cosmetic purity grade acids. 
    * Our acids are unbuffered with a low PH that will work faster and give quicker results than buffered acids. 

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