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Rosehip oil is POTENT skin hydrator/moisturizer without any greasy feel. It has a strong antioxidant property on the skin!

Rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and essential fatty acids, pure rosehip seed oil is an effective treatment for all kinds of skincare complaints ranging from visible signs of aging to acne scars to dull skin tone

When people think of anti-aging skincare ingredients, they tend to think of retinol, the holygrail of anti-aging potions. Turns out, rosehip oil also contains vitamin A - a vitamin that is necessary for the production of collagen.

From dark spots to pinky patches, rosehip contains vitamins E and C, and omega fatty acids 3,6, and 9, which promote skin cell turnover and improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation

Packed with vitamin E and anthocyanin—two ingredients that perfectly soothe irritation—rosehip seed oil can help chronic inflammatory skin conditions 

All that sun exposure does no good for your complexion. In fact, it can even lead to premature aging. Fortunately, you can prevent that from happening by investing in pure rosehip oil. Brimming with antioxidants like vitamins A, C, and E, these vitamins have been shown to target visible sun damage and even prevent photoaging.

Large 2 oz bottle, Rosehip is organic and sourced from the USA.

Organic Cold Pressed Rosehip Oil - 2 oz

$14.00 Regular Price
$12.00Sale Price
  • Organic Rosehip Seed OIl

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